I’m sure you are very familiar with all of the ‘interesting’ eating plans that are out there nowadays. Maybe you’ve tried a few in your time and didn’t have any luck, or maybe you are just simple looking for what to eat when building muscle. Either way it’s all good, and you should know that it will take some time to properly ‘put the pieces of the puzzle together’ in order to see the best results.

However, one universal truth I have come across when it comes to deciding what to eat when building muscle, is that you just gotta include some foods in your meal plan that you are just ‘head over heals’ for. Seriously, and this is coming from someone who can eat plain chicken, rice, and broccoli 9 times a day. To me though, I love those foods, which is why I can eat them all day long.

what to eat when building muscleHow about you?

That is the 10 million dollar question. You see, I do believe a very big reason why many fail to follow through with ‘what they know they should eat’ (depending on how you want to define that), is mostly for the reason that the food being eating, isn’t being enjoyed. However, the nifty thing is that you can still eat like a king, build muscle, and do it without eating like you just cleaned out an entire all you can eat buffet.

So if you’ve ever wondered what to eat when building muscle, I’m here to tell you to be creative. Over the years I have been simply amazed by how effortlessly you can ‘tweak’ up your nutrition, while still keeping it “clean”. The foods you should eat have been the same ever since day 1.

Lean proteins like chicken, beef, fish, eggs, cottage cheese. Complex carbs like oatmeal, brown rice, whole wheat bread, sweet potatoes, yams, vegetables, etc. All of the friendly simple carbs, and yes, they do have their place with building muscle. And last but not least the good fats which can be found in natural peanut butter, salmon, flax seed, peanuts, almonds, cashews, etc.

The foods really haven’t changed, it’s more of what you do with them. So if you want a shortcut to easily turning your muscle building foods into something that looks like a top chef made them, I highly recommend you check out the Anabolic Cooking cookbook. It’s the bomb! And you’ll get about 200 different ways to keep your nutrition boredom-free, allowing to focus on what’s most import: building muscle. Below is a video of me making some awesome oatmeal using one of the recipes; enjoy!

If I was to describe this Adonis Golden Ratio review in only 1 word, it would be: shocking. After being granted with access to this revolutionary new system, I was absolutely shocked by the amount of information that comes with great system.

First of all, this system is for guys who want the type of physique you might see on the cover of Men’s Health. Or if you want a better description, who of the chiseled gladiator warriors from the movie 300.

adonis golden ratio reviewNow onto the meat and potatoes of this Adonis Golden Ratio review.

This system comes with a TON of information, but not just any information. It includes some pretty high-tech software that basically does ALL of the calculations when it comes to determining the amount of calories you should be eating (which is based upon your golden ratio). Besides the new software, you get the training program which is personalized for you, tons of video tutorials for training, diet software, nutritional guide, supplement guide, and so much more. Did I mention that there is a forum section too?

Seriously, I could jam pack this Adonis Golden Ratio review with thousands of gold nuggets, but I recommend you check it out yourself. If you are looking for a step-by-step system that literally does everything for you (in terms of calculations and training routine) then you are going to absolutely love Adonis Golden Ratio.

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Need some more insight about the Adonis Golden Ratio? I got you covered!

Here is a video review I shot of it:

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how many-calories-to-eat-to-build-muscleHave you ever had one of those days where you feel like you just went overboard on the calories?

It’s no biggie.

Unless, of course, that happens everyday.

You bust your ass in the gym. And you follow through with your nutrition (right?). It’s only one day. You enjoyed it. Now it’s time to move on.

But the challenge I see now a days is that many guys aren’t sure about how many calories to eat to build muscle.

It’s simple stuff! Here is a step-by-step guide to determine how many calories to eat to build muscle.

How Many Calories To Eat To Build Muscle

1) Determine Your Amount of Daily Calories. What is the point of eating if you are just eating a random amount of calories? The basic principle of building muscle is to consume a slight amount of calories over your maintenance.

There are many online websites that can calculate and spit out a number at you, but keep in mind (this is important), that those numbers are just guesstimates. They are a ‘ballpark’ number of where you should be. Now that you understand that, here is a website you can use to determine your calories: BMR Calculator.

Once you are at the main page you are going to need to find out your BMR. Your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) is basically the number of calories you’d burn if you stayed in bed and watched Sports Center reruns all day long. Enter in your height, weight, age, gender, and hit that big ‘Calculate BMR’ button. Check out the picture below for reference (make sure you use your own stats).

How Many Calories To Eat To Build Muscle

Once you hit ‘Calculate BMR’, the page will refresh and your BMR will now be shown above the calculator. From here you want to write down your BMR, either on a piece of paper or your notepad on your computer (it is only for a reference so you don’t forget it on the next step). Once you do that, click on the link next to the number 2 ‘Harris Benedict Equation.’

How Many Calories To Eat To Build Muscle

Next you are going to calculate your maintenance amount of calories you need based upon how active you are. To do this, multiply your BMR (the number that you wrote down … right?) by the number that corresponds to your activity level. For example, I train 5 days a week and my BMR was 2,082 so I am going to multiply 2,082 by 1.55 to get 3,227. This number is a ‘guesstimate’ of how many calories I need every day to maintain my weight.

How Many Calories To Eat To Build Muscle

The final step in determining the amount of calories you need is to add calories to the number you just calculated, for me that was 3,227. Here is an important note that you must consider. To put on 1 pound a week, add 500 to that number. I highly recommend you start by adding 200-300 calories to that number, and then going from there. Adding too many calories doesn’t help put on more muscle … it only helps put on more body fat.

So since my number is 3,227, I am going to add 300 calories to that. 3,227 + 300 = 3,527 calories. That is about how many calories I would need in order to start building muscle. Remember that you want to use your own numbers when calculating your amount of calories. It will be different for everyone.

review-of-burn-the-fat-feed-the-muscleTom Venuto has been labeled as the serious trainer and bodybuilder who has over the years, written more articles than you can shake a stick at. This is my review of Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle. This eBook is over 300 pages and goes in exact detail on how to  define your suitable intake for carbs, protein, and fat.

My Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle Review

Some of you might be shocked to hear this, but Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle is absolutely not something that will completely change your body within a couple of days. It is a “no B.S.” guide on how to eat properly for bodybuilders who might even want to compete on stage. The fact of the matter is that, anyone, and everyone can learn from Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle, regardless of its intentions. In fact, the majority of those who have said awesome things about Tom’s system aren’t bodybuilders, rather instead, they are people who are serious about building muscle, and losing body fat. I see anyone who wants to build muscle and lose body fat as a “bodybuilder”. (more…)

I remember back in the day at college when I was doing deadlifts and my roommate introduced me to lifting straps. I had never tried them them out, and only had seen a few people use them here and there. I also remember asking him “Do lifting straps work?” Hell yea they do! Low and behold I found out that lifting straps have some of the greatest benefits when it comes to building muscle.

Lifting straps workLifting straps work by wrapping them around your wrist, and then around what ever you are using to perform the lift. This basically ‘attaches’ the dumbbell or barbell to you taking a TON of strain off of your forearms and wrist. What’s awesome about lifting straps is that they allow you to focus on building muscle. Building muscle should be your only priority when ever you touch a barbell, dumbbell, or get on a training machine. Lifting straps were the coolest things since slice bread once I started using them. Exercises like deadlifts, shrugs, and any type of row or pull down was now 10 times easier because my grip didn’t give out. Before, my grip was giving out way before the targeted muscle group was.

It’s about time you start lifting more! Once again, lifting straps do work! No more using the excuse of having a weak grip or fatigued fingers. I highly recommend investing in lifting straps, and the great part about them is that they cost less than $10. I also recommend Harbinger, I have been using the sames ones for years now. They are durable and extremely high quality.

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